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Due Diligence Investigations

Depending on the size of a company, the complete due diligence procedure can take from a few months to half a year. However, not always there is a need in such detailed assessment, all the more so as it requires some investment.

You can considerably lower business risks with the help of forward estimates that are available on our website. In Russia there exist nominee companies, which look like regular businesses, but they are not liable for any damage or default. You cannot get your money back if it went to their accounts. Apart from that, by making deals with such companies you become an accomplice of economic crime. Thus, make sure that your new partner is not a fly-by-night company. Our due diligence investigation report is provided exactly for this purpose.

Check your future partner against the following screening parameters:

  • the registered address is identical to addresses of a number of similar companies;
  • the nominee founder or the company registered in the name of a person whose passport was stolen or lost;
  • absence of business activity or minimum profit;
  • financial statements and tax reports are not available;
  • the company goes through reorganization, bankruptcy or liquidation;
  • the company’s name is in the register of disreputable suppliers;

Even if the company falls into only one of the above categories, the investor should take alarm and hold back from doing business with this company. All these signs of untrustworthiness are checked and included in the due diligence investigation report. Work only with reliable companies!