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Credit report

In many countries of Europe and in the USA it is possible to confidently close transactions having data about the so-called trust index or credit rating of the company.

In Russia there are no equivalent indices measuring performance of companies. How can you check the credit rating of a company in this case? The judgment should be based on the available information.

The simplest way to obtain the most complete information is to use our Credit report service in Russian format. The report will help you find out:

  • When the company was registered and whether it is still operating on the market;
  • Who the company’s CEO is;
  • Who the company’s founding members are;
  • Amount of the authorized capital;
  • Location of the company;
  • Whether the company has the required licenses, etc.

The reliability report of a company in retrospective is the first thing that helps you filter out all new partners. It will protect you against the deals with unreliable companies, which may be going through restructuring. The report will contain information about such procedures (if any).

How can you check the company’s reliability?

  • Enter the available data about the Russian company you are interested in;
  • Select the target company from the list;
  • Make payment for the report;
  • The report will be sent to your email box in one minute.

Just 1 minute and you will be able to decide whether it is worth doing further business with this company

The business credit report about the company operating on the Russian market is a document that banks require when opening a checking account or giving a loan. Such measures shield them from untrustworthy clients. Now you can follow their example and work with the companies you trust.