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In Russia companies must provide annual financial reports not only to the tax authorities, but also to the Federal State Statistics Service. It is an executive authority that collects and processes government statistics. If a company does not submit reports to the Federal State Statistics Service, it may not imply any negative conclusions; however, the precise prospects of doing business with this company will be difficult to estimate.

You can obtain any company’s financial information provided to the Federal State Statistics Service, if you order a statement of financial position on our website. You will receive:

  • data included in the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. These are two main financial statements in the Russian Federation for all businesses;
  • statement of changes in equity will provide you with the information about the structure and size of the capital;
  • cash flow statement will give you the idea of the funds the company had during a year;
  • report on proper use of funds received is provided mainly by nonprofit organizations and presents the information about application of earmarked funds;
  • very important attachment to balance sheet that contains the following data: production expenditures, estimated liabilities, collateral for obligations, government aid.

All this information gives complete overview of the company you are going to do business with. All financial statements of any company starting from 2005 and for every year onwards will be delivered to you in 1 minute. Take advantage of this information – and you will be well-armed for making right decisions on cooperation.